Pressure Relief Valve

Emerson helps keep your employees and assets safe with both pilot-operated and direct spring-operated pressure-relief valves as well as safety-selector valves. Applications include steam, liquid, air, gas, and multi-phase flow conditions.

Emerson pressure relief devices are manufactured in accordance with a controlled quality assurance program which meets or exceeds ASME Code quality control requirements.

Capacities of valves with set pressures of 15 psig, or higher, are certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. These attributes are assured by the presence of an ASME Code Symbol Stamp and the letters NB on each pressure relief valve nameplate.

Lower set pressures are not addressed by either the National Board or ASME; however, capacities at lower set pressures have been verified by actual testing at Pentair’s extensive flow lab facilities.

Emerson’s range of pressure relief valves are designed, manufactured, and tested in strict accordance with a quality management system approved to the International Standard Organization’s ISO 9000 quality standard requirements.