Ball Valve

Driven by innovation, with an outstanding portfolio of proven brands, Emerson including with KTM, Virgo, Keystone, Neotecha, Raimondi, Hindle, AEV manufactures and markets an extensive range of full and reduced bore ball valves serving a wide spectrum of applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and allied process industries.

The Emerson ball valve portfolio includes a diverse range of standard, superior technology for severe service isolation application and customized ball valves that can be configured to suit most process applications or project packages.

We offer ball valves in end entry, top entry and fully welded body construction, with flanged end, welding end, hub or threaded connections, floating or trunnion mounted designs with metal to metal or soft seating.

We also provide exhaustive applications for high integrity installations such as HIPPS, emergency shut-down, subsea, powder discharge, gas pipelines, high temperature, cryogenic and corrosive services, where proven experience and safety are paramount.

Our C-Shape Ball AEV valve (double eccentric design) achieve ultimate dependability in severe service applications with convex to convex seat design that sweeps particles in the last 2-3 degrees of motion rather than compressing impurities into the valve trim to maintain seal integrity. Massive integral trunnions fully support the ball, absorb process forces, and protect the stem from side loads to reduce wear on mechanical parts and presrve packing inyegrity in high cycle applications. (Ex : Molecular sieve, Polymers, Fouling service, Molten fluids)