Automatic Recirculation Valve

Yarway Automatic Recirculation Control (ARC) Valves for Centrifugal Pump Protection

During critical low load periods, centrifugal feed pumps need a reliable recirculation system to prevent pump instability and overheating. Because many such systems are constructed of a number of components, the systems can become both complex and costly, requiring substantial outlays for design, installation and maintenance.

Yarway Automatic Recirculation Control valves provide centrifugal pump protection from serious damage which can be caused by temperature rise, low flow or instability. 
Yarway ARC Valves are highly cost effective, combining the multiple functions of main flow check valve, flow sensing, minimum flow control, pressure reduction, and pulsation dampening into a single valve body.

One Valve - Four Functions
    •    Check valve - prevents reverse flow.
    •    Instrumentation - flow sensing and bypass activation.
    •    Bypass flow control - helps ensure minimum pump flow.
    •    Pressure letdown - reduces pressure of fluid returning to its sources.