ASCO’s Stainless Steel Filter and Regulator, Series 342 features a heavy duty 316L stainless steel construction, while providing better control of pressure regulation at significantly higher flow rates.  The Series 342 is designed for use in harsh environments, including oil and gas exploration, transmission and refining, water and waste water treatment, and chemical to name a few.

The 316L Stainless Steel Filter and Regulator is available with ¼” and ½” NPT port connections, 5 or 25 microns filtration elements, and manual drain. Flow capacity ranges from 84 SCFM up to 156 SCFM (@ 90 PSI max inlet pressure and 14 PSI pressure drop). Available options include stainless steel gauge, mounting bracket, NACE compliant versions, and low ambient temperature constructions (- 58°F/- 50°C).