Cooling Tower

Truwater manufactures both counterflow and crossflow cooling tower, engineered to deliver maximum heat transfer capability. Because of its counterflow design, tower has inherent advantages which can greatly reduce space requirement of tower on by utilizing advance computer software,

Crossflow Cooling Towers are specially designed for industrial and process applications. It provides more wetted surface for uniform water distribution and high heat transfer rate.

TRUWATER engineering team custom design each system according to your specific requirements.

3D Modeling
 utilizing advanced TEKLA Structures 3D Modeling System Software, our engineering team custom design each system to meet your specific project requirement.

Innovative Design

TRUWATER’s vast experience and resources enable us to design state of the art cooling systems which are proven performers in the field. Our innovations include all the FRP Pultruded Structural Cooling Tower which provides long useful life from a high strength non-corrosive monolithic structure, without depleting our precious forests.

Mechanical Equipment

High efficiency fans and corrosion-resistant material are selected. Fans are driven by spiral bevel gear reducers selected with a minimum AGMA service factor of 2.0. Motor are furnished according to customer’s specification and are mounted outside the discharge air stream. Drive shafts are built from stainless steel or advance composite material and are dynamically balanced at the factory to minimize operating vibrations. Fan cylinders feature velocity-recovery design made of FRP material.

High Performance Heavy Duty Fill

Fill or heat transfer media is the most important component of Safety Maintenance Cooling Tower. The high performance heavy duty PVC fill maximizes cooling efficiency and horse-power requirement.

Drift Eliminators

Our drift eliminators utilizes a 3-pass, sinusoidal drift eliminations with very low pressure drop while still maintaining excellent drift droplet removal capabilities.

Water Distribution System

FRP or PVC header pipe coupled with PVC lateral pipes with non clogging polypropylene nozzles distribute water evenly over the entire full surface. The water distribution system requires very little maintenance and minimal operating pump head.

Access & Safety

Handrails are provided around the fan deck perimeter. Each tower includes a vertical ladder as standard. Free standing stairway can be provided as option. A hatch in the fan deck allow access to the drift eliminator and water distribution area by means of built-in ladder. Each gear reducer is equipped with removable access door. Drive shafts are protected with coupling guards to restrain the shaft in the event of a coupling failure.