Pleuger Industries submersible pumps and motors are used by many companies worldwide in multiple applications within the Water, Marine and Offshore, Oil and Gas and Mining Industries. Pleuger Industries submersible pumps sizes range from 4” to 50” with single and multi-stage that fit every application. Pleuger Industries pumps have a global reputation for being highly reliable and durable, efficient to run and having unwavering performance. The submersible motors are available with water-filled as standard and oil-filled for bespoke application. Hydraulic Standard as per ANSI / HI / EN ISO / API 610 / NFPA 20. Electrical Standards as per NEMA / IEC / IEEE.
Pleuger Aldrich Plunger Pumps includes a horizontal and vertical design that meets the highest performance requirements. They are used in many industries and cover many applications, including crude oil transport and seawater injection applications – both on land and offshore platforms. Pumps are designed to the requirements of API 674.
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